PAD standard HDTV CST-019-RT

This new standard, being signed, complements CST recommendation - RT 017 to define the evaluation of sound dynamics methodologies.

- Scaling measuring loudness: LKFS weighting curve Leq (R2LB)

ITU-R weighting BS.1770-1

- Average level dialogue LKFS s -25 + - 2 dB


- Measuring methodology e dynamiqu

loudness of the following excursions are permitted:

dialogue for s + - 7 dB measured in short term around the Dialog level

for all the sound elements of the program: + - 12 dB measured in the short term in the Dialog level

Management peaks mixing 5.1 -3 dB FS (eventually extended to all variations of mixing, 5.1, LtRt, LoRo, Dual mono)


information and diagrams from the technical recommendation CST-RT-019-TV-2009-V1

More information: CST

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