14th FISM

14th International Multichannel Sound Forum

Wednesday 9 and Thursday, November 10

France Télévisions


Wednesday, November 9

- Multi channel and creation: games and radio

- Multi channel and creation: movie and music

- Evening screening of "A Monster in Paris"

- Workshops 5.1

Game / simulation / augmented reality: PC or game console, headphone 7.1

Listen "home theater" classic 5.1 high definition radio podcast

Listen "home theater" sound bars: HDTV + 5.1 virtualized

Thursday, November 10

- Home-cinema and listening on the move

- Capture and 5.1 and 3D sound mixing

- Workshops 5.1

Listen with headphones multichannel HRTF

Listen "home studio" 3D audio: B format in post-production

Listen "home theater" sound bars: HDTV + 5.1 virtualized

FISM 2011 program

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