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Impromptus Program 5.1 Wavelength 31 Jan 2015 Brest


Radio reports, Documentaries Radio, Radio Dramas, Music, acousmatic Parts, sound creations for performances, interactive installations: a rich and varied program of 5.1 all content throughout the day. Participation of Swedish composer Ake Parmerud in the partnership with INA Expert. See you Saturday, January 31 at the Quartz in Brest!

Most content will be listening to binaural format from moving in an experimental setting, the application Orange Radio, available during the day.

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Waves Festival 2015 Length Impromptus 5.1 Price


As part of the 12th Festival Wavelength, a multichannel listening day will be offered Saturday, January 31, at the Quartz. We invite you to send us your creations in 5.1 (documentaries, radio dramas, soundscapes, acousmatic pieces, stage, music ...) before January 16, 2015.

As every year, with the complicity of Hervé Déjardin and Bergamo Periaux, programming sound creations multichannel (5.1) from all backgrounds will be proposed to listen. If you are composers, sound designers, producers, professionals and students and have produced works in multi-channel, you can send us the. After jury selection (Birolini Hervé Hervé Déjardin, Bergamo Periaux), the works selected will be broadcast as part of the Impromptus in 5.1, Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015, at the Quartz (Gallery of Photography Atlantic Centre). Continue reading

Mixing Competition Crazy, deadline December 28, 2014

competition December 28

The contest Mixing Fou 2014 edition is launched from October 4th! Its principle is to achieve an original sound created from a common sound bank. The only limit is the time 80 seconds, all the creative techniques are allowed.

Contest Ends December 28, 2014 at midnight.

It is allowed to participate in one or more categories provided to achieve an original creation for each deposit.
- Stereo
- Binaural (3D sound with headphones)
- Multichannel 5.1
- Auro 3D 9.1 (use of height) Read More

FISM 2014

International Multichannel Sound Forum (FISM) organized during the SATIS is recognized since 1998 as the first European platform for exchange and demonstrations of international expertise in multichannel sound.
For the 17th anniversary of the FISM, Radio France welcomes media professionals, film and broadcast studio 105 for two days of listening and discussion.
This unique forum of its kind we will analyze musical and cinematographic works on an expanded 3D listening facility WFS system.
The day of Monday, November 17, 2014 will be dedicated in the morning to an overview of multichannel broadcast on television, on the web and on the Pure Audio Blu-Ray support; the afternoon will be devoted to a presentation of the different panoramic potentiometers (pannings) oriented 3D object and the 3D audio reproduction. We end by listening 9.1 inaugural concert of the great auditorium of Radio France.
The second day of Tuesday, November 18, 2014 will be dedicated to artistic and semantic development of 3D sound in the presence of directors, producers, artists and sound engineers. In closing this 17th edition, we will discuss 3D sound reproduction of the symphony orchestra in the presence of Jean-Claude Casadesus.
Throughout these days, workshops will Listens record 5.1 formats, domestic Atmos helmet and 3D home theater with its bars.
Seating is limited, so register now to ensure your participation.

Blu ray Conference

Blu Ray

Organized by Radio France, INA, Blu-ray and DTS Partners France Friday, October 17 9 am-13h, Radio House Studio 105, this conference aims to study the technical and economic impacts of the development of this new technology, to consider its impact on the creation and music and film writing.


8:30 am: Home / coffee
9:15 to 10:15: Strategic issues Blu-ray 10h15 - 11h: The artistic and technical implications of Blu-ray, listening extracts 5.1
11h - 11h30: Integration of DTS in Blu-ray
11:30 a.m.-12:00 Listen extracts 5.1 Pure Audio Blu Ray, Questions / Answers 12h 13h Demos SDR 11.1 Helmet & Cocktail

Inscriptions on the site of INA Expert

Workshop 5.1 and binaural for radio, Radio Love IV 2.0


On the occasion of IV Radio 2.0 meetings taking place Monday, October 13 at the Maison de la Radio, Studio 105, we organize a workshop on the 5.1 and the binaural for radio, from 14h to 15h. An hour to discuss innovation in broadcast technology and listening:

- The production and dissemination of new spatially content

- The technical and artistic training related to new media for radio

Comparative ecoutes extracts 5.1 and binaural.

The purpose of these meetings in 2014 is to participate in the development of the 2.0 radio sector through an event that brings together professionals of presentations, discussions, workshops and experience sharing.

Initiated in 2011, this day (7th between France and Spain) is also an opportunity to communicate around the 2.0 radio to showcase his qualities both in terms of innovation, economic opportunities and Creative.

This year will be the opportunity to examine the new frontiers of 2.0 radio. Expanding universe, streaming redefines every day the way we hear and produce sound in all its forms.

4 main topics are on the agenda this year:

- Is the 2.0 radio ready to use?
- Innovation in broadcasting and listening techniques
- Musical prescription: man vs Machine
- New trends in advertising online

Inscriptions on the 2.0 radio website

Opening Contest Crazy Mix 2014


The contest Mixing Fou 2014 edition is launched from October 4th! Its principle is to achieve an original sound created from a common sound bank. The only limit is the time 80 seconds, all the creative techniques are allowed.

Contest Ends November 16, 2014 at midnight.

It is allowed to participate in one or more categories provided to achieve an original creation for each deposit.
- Stereo
- Binaural (3D sound with headphones)
- Multichannel 5.1
- Auro 3D 9.1 (use of height)

For the 6th edition, we have prepared a sample set of very high quality (25 files either 1.4 Gb) with the help of the founders of the Society for Ecology Acoustics Midwest American (MSAE) at Chicago
Mr Eric Leonardson and Mr Christopher Preissing.

All contest designs will be made R128 standard, this means a consistent level of listening between creations without using dynamic compression (compliance with volume shades).
An explanation on the different formats on the R128 standard, as well as tools and tutorials in the "toolbox" of the site.

Good creation to all and to all.

Download the sound bank

Nuit Blanche / Opening Mixing Contest Crazy 2014



Nuit Blanche - special event Mixing Fou

MIXING FOU invites the public to be surprised by the experiences of unpublished plays. 25 sound artists come together to celebrate the launch of the 6th edition of the Marcel Cerdan Gymnasium 3a rue Eugène Oudiné 75013 Paris with unique features:

Listening tent on 6 channels, boxing ring octaphonics + 5.1, interactive sound toys, Oli_Go the device for free improvisation aided, visual & sound installations: Territory inside, giant sound ball, performances ...

Julien Belon, Olivar First, Patch Works, Jean Philippe Chalte Yves Zysman, Nicolas Jacquot, Emmanuelle Gibello, Haythem Bellil Tony Hayère, Hervé Birolini Celine Laurens, Cendrine Robelin, Stéphane Robin Marie Muller, Gilles Mardirossian, Bergamo Periaux, Rayan Dunn, Françoise Anger Goran Vejvoda, Fabio R Lattuca Pietro Bonanno, Husband Ohno, Thierry Dilger, Xavier and Jean Marc Courteix Hotel.

More: MixageFou

Nouvoson Contest 5.1

competition nouvoson2

The second contest Nouvoson sound design is open and will run from 11 April to 26 May, he proposed last year as a multi-category 5.1. For this second edition of the competition nouvOson sound creation, you are asked to guide the imagination on the banks of the Amazon or the heart of the green hell, in deserts or areas of Brasilia on the edge of the favelas, and even around major football stadiums: Spirit Brazil must! The seven channels of Radio France (France Inter, France Info, France Bleu, France Culture, France Musique, FIP and Le Mov ') and the direction of the New Media team nouvOson have selected or TV shows, cut in the non-operated rushes, stood balance pre-concert to offer a unique range common to all. The goal: to develop an original creation spatial sound (stereo to 5.1) for a maximum of 2 minutes and imbued with a "spirit Brazil".

The creation will be listened to and offered to 8 panels (one per radio + a synthesis for multichannel creations), each of which prevail in one. The winning works will be broadcast on the radio in stereo and 5.1 nouvOson and binaural after remix multichannel format for the winning creations that were originally composed in stereo. Multichannel creation that has received the Grand Prix nouvOson allow its author received an order from the Directorate of Radio France New Media for a new work, a period of 10 minutes, for the exhibition and distribution of nouvOson. All mixers rewarded receive lots: plug in composition or spatial submitted by contest partners, GRM and New Audio Technology.

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Ecoutes Impromptus 5.1 Wavelength

Back to the day of Impromptus 5.1 February 15, Festival Wavelength, 5.1 and 22.2 plays the Quartz in Brest. The program almost 5 hours continuous listening sound creations professionals but also students. Acousmatic music, radio Fictions, Documentaries, Soundscapes drew curious ear but also connoisseurs.


Presentation and listening works 32 channels (reduced format 22.2) Jean Marc Duchennes.




Impromptus festival program 5.1 Wavelength


Here is the program of the day Impromptus 5.1 at which you can listen to the selected sound creations for the edition 2014. This event will take place Saturday, February 15, CAP gallery, Le Quartz in Brest. The program also met Jean Marc Duchenne, electroacoustic music composer, who will present his acousmatic journey through eavesdropping in 22.2. An appointment not to be missed!

festival site

Impromptu No. 1 35 min (10.30-11 am)

The mobile instant
Bernard Parmegiani

Part 1 Multi
Christian Zanesi

Electric birds
Ake Parmerud

Hervé Déjardin

A swallow in the nostril of the Great Buddha
Marie-Hélène Bernard

Meeting with Jean-Marc Duchenne (11h-12h), in partnership with INA Global

acousmatic journey through tapping into 22.2

"How, in words, to account for the experience that is every time for me listening to loud speakers sounds? How about this curious film association and architecture, sculpture and poetry, I try, very concretely, to shape them? From these invisible but tangible spaces where image matters clash and offer closed eyes and open ears?

I prefer to let it speak for projectors sounds, air vibrators, my acousmobiles ...

About thirty years that its built-speaking, one that can only exist through its projection in the air by means of speakers, became my territory exploration and expression. It is the matter of the architectures that I shape, the images of the stories I tell.

In a closely integrated with the implementation of my work, I spent much of my time to think about the role of space in conjunction with other criteria sounds, and explore techniques that allow me to deal with . I ended up making the tools I needed ( the AcousModules ), and more recently to gather my sound hawker equipment ( the AcousMobile ), now essential to intimate my work. "

Impromptu No. 2 43 min (12 pm-12:45)

Turenas Live
Laurent Pottier

Cosmic clocks
Frédéric Kahn

The other trout of the Baskervilles
Jean-Jacques Girardot

Maya in the light
David Cabannes

The long walk
Steve Heimbecker

study, internship 5.1 sound creation INA framed by Hervé Birolini / B. Periaux, December 2013
Bruno Mourlan

Impromptu No. Mar. 36 min (13h30-14h)

Covers Lights 56
Floy Krouchi
15min30 extract

Romain Cayla
15min extract

BSRR # 00
Jean-Philippe Chalte

Impromptu No. 4 40 minutes (3:45 p.m.-15h)

Test tones
Daniel Courville

Moon Hoax Brest
Julien Belon

Crazy Chicago
Anger and Françoise Thierry Dilger

Le Havre Port
Jean-Guy Coulange

The Lions beat Irra

Impromptu No. 5 45min (5:45 p.m.-17h)

Radio dramas UBO His Master 2013

Mario ROBERT "Eight years' 9min

Gabriel DELAIGUE "A minute of silence" 9min

Corentin COSOTTI "Either he never shut up" 9min

Lola BODY "The headless mule" 9min

Clement ONA "El camino de Raphael" 9min

Impromptu No. 6 30 min (6:30 p.m.-18h)

Mixing Competition Crazy, 2013, listening to mixes 5.1 of participants who applied

Binaural listening Workshop: Open Day Training INA Expert


On Thursday, February 13, 2014, 10h15-17h30, in the premises of INA, 4 av Europe Bry sur Marne.

Workshop listening to binaural content from training and research internships.

In the program, organized in different sessions:

- The principle of spatial listening to headphones

- Taking its native binaural: listening to different miking systems

Neumann KU100 artificial head, dpa 4060 Headgar head (B. Lagnel) ...

- Binaural synthesis: Sound made for different synthesis technologies from 2D and 3D content 5.1 9.1

Realize encoders Smyth Research, DMS Sphere, IRCAM Spat, New Spatial Audio Technology Audio Designer.

Register on the workshop

5.1 and binaural diffusion of Berlioz's Requiem on NouvOson


Berlioz's Requiem at Notre Dame in Paris, Wednesday, January 22 to 21 hours. An exceptional event to see and listen to live binaural sound on the site nouvOson .

Direction: Maestro Gustavo Dudamel.

Musical Groups:

Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela
Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra
Choir of Radio France
Master Notre Dame de Paris

La Grande Messe des Morts opus 5 by Hector Berlioz is one of those monumental works that require exceptional staff:

· 190 instrumentalists

· 160 singers

· 4 bands placed around the orchestra, the cardinal points.

The recording and broadcast multichannel or binaural is the only way to restore the sense of encirclement by the composer and wanted to do justice to this work incandescent. To do this, the technical direction of Radio France has set up a capture and delivery device adapted to the dimensions of the event. The public will be able to live a rare sound experience.

This concert will be broadcast on February 6th on France Musique and will remain available for six months in binaural version 5.1 on nouvOson.

ICSA 2014 Spatial Audio


ICSA 2014 | Program

International Conference on Spatial Audio

Erlangen, February 21-23, 2014

The 2nd International Conference on Spatial Audio Will Be hosted at Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen, Germany, The objective of the conference is again to Provide an inspiring environment for sound engineers and Researchers challenges to the Chat en ce spatial audio can lead to novel insights and techniques. In Particular, the conference Will the bring together experts with practical and Theoretical knowledge is crucial to qui assurer continuous learning, innovation and improvement in the field of spatial audio.

Experts in the field, sound mixers and engineers, artists and Researchers Will come together at this symposium. The platform Enables intentionally year hands-on experience and sharing of knowledge. Acoustically diverse rooms with parallel installations of wave field synthesis, 3D loudspeaker configurations with 9.1 to 22.2 channels and Higher Order Ambisonics Will Be THROUGHOUT the conference available for listening comparisons and demonstrations.

The ICSA is Targeted at:

• Tonmeisters / sound engineers
• Researchers
• Lecturers
• Electro-acoustical engineers
• Audio and sound-reinforcement professionals

The ICSA offers:

• Oral and poster presentations, workshops, demonstrations
• Multi-channel reproduction setups (incl. 3D-Audio, 9.1 and 22.2)
• Product presentations, exhibition area
• Get together, social event

VDT 2014 ICSA website

Call for multichannel sound creation Wavelength


As part of the 11th festival and radio listening, a listening day multichannel be offered Saturday, February 15, 2014, at the Quartz.

To participate, send your works before 10 December 2013!

As every year, with the complicity of Hervé Déjardin and Bergamo Periaux, programming sound creations multichannel (5.1) from all backgrounds will be proposed to listen.

If you are composers, sound designers, producers, professionals and students and have produced works in multi-channel, you can send us the. A selection will be made ​​and we will publish the works selected within the Impromptus in 5.1, Saturday, February 15, 2014, at the Quartz (Atlantic Centre Gallery of Photography).
This year, some parts of this selection will be available to listen on site nouvOson .

Shipment Terms:
Please send your works by WeTransfer to as .wav files, 48kHz, 24-bit, 5.1 interlaced ITU (L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs) or separated and perfectly named pipes before December 10, 2013.

Mixing Crazy 2013


The competition was launched in 2013 from 11 October to 17 November 2013 (Awards November 23) 38 days of participation!

Remember, the idea is to create an original sound design in one of four categories, stereo, binaural (3D sound with headphones, new class 2013), 5.1 multichannel, multi-channel 9.1 (use of the height), starting from a common sound bank (available at the competition opening). The only limit is the time, 80 seconds, all the creative techniques are allowed!

In 4 years, participants from 19 countries on 5 continents have made more than 10,000 visits and submitted over 250 crazy creations.

Florian Camerer (specialist in multi-channel ORF, Austria) is the publishing godfather 2013. He signed this year with other donors sounds, an exclusive sound bank quality recordings, mono, stereo, 5.1 and 9.1. This bank is available for download from the mad mixing site.

This year the awards will take place on the barge Anako Saturday, November 23! (Bassin de la Villette face at 61 Quai de Seine, 75019 Paris Métro Riquet Stalingrad or Jaurès). There will be multi-channel broadcast WFS and binaural sound, live streaming of the event and a great night of live mix with participants of the contest.

A jury is made for each category. He will choose a winner and will decide the winner by considering the choice of partners. The sponsor also present an award in his name and the public will elect his favorite creation (Audience Award).

Enter the competition, many prizes are announced!

The crazy mix Site

Mixing Fou is supported by numerous partners: Auro Technologies, New Audio Technology, Sonic Emotion, Euphonia, Areitec, Game Audio Factory, Sensomusic, AudioGaming, CNAM ENJMIN, Cinela, Ambient Recording, Orbe, Digital Salade

INA workshop Radio 2.0 / Radio France: spatialized sound in radio, what issues?


Tuesday, October 15 9 am-19h: Seminar Radio 2.0, INA 83 rue Patay 75013 Paris

14h-18h / INA / Radio France: How spatialized sound for radio and what issues? (Demo + discussion)

, ingénieur du son, spécialiste du son binaural (Radio France) Hosted by Periaux Bergamo , sound engineer, trainer, responsible for the chain 'Multichannel' (INA) and Hervé Dejardin , sound engineer, sound specialist binaural (Radio France)

Listening programs spatialized binaural 5.1 and for radio.

What challenges for these new forms of writing highlighting new Internet consumption patterns, through mobile, digital tablets and laptop?

What are the principles of operation and production?


The purpose of these meetings is to participate in developing the 2.0 radio sector through an event that brings together professionals of presentations, discussions, workshops and experience sharing.
This day is also an opportunity to communicate around the 2.0 radio to showcase his qualities both in terms of innovation, economic and creative opportunities.

'Augmented Radio and Advertising' is the theme of this third edition of Love Radio 2.0 Paris.

The day will focus on three main topics;

  • Social radio & Transmedia: What form of transmedia storytelling expect listeners connected over networks?
  • Radio increased and Second Screen: How to enhance the audio experience of the auditors on all platforms, on all screens?
  • Music Online Advertising: How the music, trademarks territory, is preempted by advertisers?

The meetings are:

  • 250 professionals
  • 50 speakers
  • 10 keynotes
  • 3 round tables
  • 12 workshops
  • Grand Prix Radio 2.0
  • Radio Encounters

Site radio2.0

FISM 2013


The 16th FISM (International Forum multichannel) will take place on November 18 and 19 at the Maison de la Radio, reserve your day! The program revolves around the themes "restitution binaural 3D", "object-oriented mix", "3D Dolby Atmos sound reproduction," "artistic and semantic developments multichannel sound." Many interventions of the professional audio world (BBC, Radio France, DTS, Fraunhofer Bayerisher Rundfunk, ORF, Swiss Audio, Orange Lab, IRCAM, Paris Conservatoire, Wisseloord Studios ...), many plays, 5.1, 9.1, with diffusion WFS (Sonic Emotion / Euphonia), binaural productions, Radio France productions, listening to a selection of works of the contest Crazy Mix 2013, the first anniversary of Nouvoson and listening works contest Radio France, roundtables, workshops Plays in parallel (DMS Trinnov ...).



The FISM Site

La Traviata on France Musique and NouvOson 5.1 / binaural


After Don Giovanni in 2009, Abduction from the Seraglio in 2011, France Music joins the third time at the Opera de Rennes retransmission combining an artistic event quality and the use of new technologies, with the idea to broadcast more and listening the best immersion masterpieces of opera.

This year, Radio France offers, in addition to the stereo broadcast on France Musique, retransmission of La Traviata in binaural sound and image on the site nouvOson. This is a first for which you are invited Tuesday, June 4th from 20h: live broadcast and spatial sound the most famous Verdi opera at the new site of Radio France dedicated to the multi-channel binaural sound!

Multichannel mixing 5.1 will be made ​​in the new car-Governance Radio France, together with the live broadcast on France Musique stereo mix and sound system with large screen on the Town Hall Square in Rennes and in several cities in Britain and the network of regional television.

This mix will be encoded in real-time binaural and added to the images of France Television: the show can then be watched and listened with a simple stereo headphones on any computer or tablet enjoying a sufficient connection to the website: http : // .

Indeed, simple earphones provide evidence of the "3D sound" binaural mode. This p rocédé result of a sound processing artifact allowing the brain of the listener to reconstruct the sound space through a simple stereo.

The first technology, combined with Live Music France, is made ​​possible through the close collaboration between the teams on site the Technical Department of Radio France, those of the Department of New Media in Paris, Opéra de Rennes, the Audiovisual Centre of the University of Rennes 2 (CREA) for the posting, the audiovisual company Telmondis for images (in agreement with France Television and TV Rennes), and with the help of Digital Media Solutions companies for the loan of encoder binaural BP 84 and Atanar for live streaming.

La Traviata will be available for replay for one month on nouvOson.

EBU Immersive Audio Headphones Over

With more and more people access to reliable broadcast is happy mobile devices, the quality of the headphone listening experience is Becoming increasingly significant. This workshop explores how technology Could Will create immersive spatial audio binaural sound experiments For Those listening over headphones.

The subject is covered Both radio and television to, as well as online media. Presentations Will Provide an introduction-to-many different aspects of binaural audio, from generation and distribution challenges to open research questions. The panel discussions Will allow glad makers and technologists to issue the technology providers and Researchers about how we can use binaural audio to Enhance the listening experience for audiences.

A set of demos Will aussi BE presented, Giving participants a chance to experience Reviews some of the technology for Themselves.

15-16 May 2013 / EBU Geneva
For Radio & TV Broadcasters and Their Audiences

Workshop Sessions

1. Past - A bit of history
2. Present - Broadcasting binaural today
3. Discussion Panel: Binaural broadcasting strategies
4. Future - New research directions
5. Discussion Panel: Binaural in the real world - present and future

The full program

ImmersAV Jazz Concert AES Convention Surround / binaural event

ImmersAV Jazz Concert - A Very Special 134th AES Convention Event In Rome

ROME: At 8:00 p.m. hrs on Monday evening, May 6, the 134th AES Convention Will host a very special event. The ImmersAV Jazz Concert featuring The Greg Burk Trio Will Be Performed at the Saint Louis College of Music. As a unique aspect of the concert, Robert Schulein, president and owner of RBS Consultants, International year acoustical consulting firm, Will Be making a combined binaural and HD video recording for downloading from the website Following The AES convention.
The audio / video recordings formatted Will Be Both headphone and loudspeaker for listening (via cross talk cancellation) for Subsequent viewing by AES members. This Will allow attendees an Opportunity to live and waiting for the event to recreate the experience later by means clustering of a surround audio with video recording process is compatible with today's consumer viewer / listening technology.

Competition Radio France NouvOson

Radio France launches NouvOson competition, open to the 5.1 multi-channel format, from April 17 to May 22, the details just below or here .

You drive sounds? You compose music? Climb, mix, tweak? You want to express your creativity on a new material? Then the contest nouvOson sound creation is you.The principle is simple!

  • Download!
    A sound range of several tens of sounds is offered by 7 RadioFrance radio (stereo extracts) and the site nouvOson (extracts 5.1). Emissions Extracts broadcast, extracts rushes before editing, voice, atmospheres, before balances -Concerts ... every radio station went to get in the simul 'antenna and hard drives pieces of iconic sounds of his "antenna color."
  • Create!
    From this unique sound material, everything is permitted Select, transform, sampler, mount, exploit all the possibilities of the multichannel mix ... The goal: develop an original creation spatial sound (stereo to 5.1) a maximum of 3 minutes.
  • Send!
    Your creation will be listened to and offered to 7 juries (one per radio), each of which prevail in one. The selected works will be disseminated to the stereo radio, and nouvOson 5.1 and binaural, after possible remix multichannel format for the winning creations were made in stereo. Meanwhile a "jury nouvOson" involving representatives of radio stations and team New Media award the Grand Prize nouvOson.
  • Win Grand nouvOson price!
    Creation that has received the Grand Prix nouvOson allow its author received an order from the Directorate of Radio France New Media for a new work, a period of 10 minutes, for the exhibition and dissemination of nouvOson

Session AFSI: listening to multichannel PoS systems


Theme: Listen multi-channel, multi-channel sound recording
Sharing our experiments different decision multichannel systems.

Bergamo Periaux multichannel specialist and responsible multichannel die INA, and Vincent Magnier, speaking in taking the multichannel image Ina arise in the context of the AFSI their experiments different plug multichannel sound systems .

On Saturday, May 25th 14h-17h, the studio 85 (5.1 ITU listening system), 85 rue Lecourbe 75015 Paris

On the program:

- Presentation of a listening method

- Presentation and comparative listening to the different systems used in sound recording and filming music: ST 450 SPS 200, DPA 5100 MMAD ORTFS, DORTF cross IRT Hamasaki square DMS.

Inscriptions on the site of the AFSI here , limited seats reserved for members of the AFSI


Radio France opens its NouvOson site dedicated to new forms of writing for space. It contains 5.1 multichannel productions, and spatialized binaural stereo, alone or with his picture, music, documentaries, radio plays and soundscapes.

A beautiful advanced new media where radio rises gradually. To discover without delay!


Impromptu Program 5.1 Wavelength

As every year, the Wave Length festival organizes a day listening multichannel (5.1) around sound creations. The meeting was held Saturday, February 9 at Quartz (CAP gallery) in Brest, at 10:30. This day is a discovery of works by composers, professional sound designers and students. Selection musical creations, radio documentaries, radio dramas, made by H. and B. Déjardin Periaux.

Other multichannel appointment of the day, at 14h, exchanges on multichannel sound creation in partnership with the INA Expert club with Birolini H., H. and B. Déjardin Periaux. Sound image, aesthetics and language. Listening tour through the works of Hervé Birolini.


IMPRINT 1 (35 min)

"Bird loop" Andrew Bird, studio recording with video production, 2012 7 min 26 Radio France

"Tlemcen", filmed documentary in Morocco with video production, 2012, 16 min, RadioFrance, hear four extracts of 4 min

"Interception of Guyana", reportage, extracted 6 min, 2012 Radio France

Orchestre National de Jazz, extract the concert in Montpellier, 2012, 8 min, Radio France

IMPRINT 2 (35 min)

Bruno Letort, musical creation, in 2012

"Draisine" 2 min 19

"Fog" 2 min 12

"The house Stalker" 2 min 18

"The border post" 2 min 17

"Necropolis - city of the dead" musical creation, in 2011, Ake Parmerud, 12 mn 39

"Printing" musical creation, in 2012, Hervé Déjardin, 1 min 40

"Hearing is Believing" chronic multi-channel, 2012, Valentin Couineau & Hervé Déjardin, 5 mn

IMPRINT 3 (35 min)

Fictions Radio 2012 Master Image and Sound University of Western Brittany 35 mn

"Andree Pujol," Lucie Marty, 9 mn

"Breaking the Silence" Charles Valentin, 7 min 43

"For the Motherland", Alison Etienne, 9 mn

"Athena", Colin Rosso, 8 min 49

IMPRINT 4 (35 min)

5.1 mixes crazy, 2012, 15 min

The crazy mix is ​​a combination of sound creation open to all, from taxed sources. It is held annually on the website and brings together a large number of participants (around the world), and professional audio partners. One part is devoted to the multi formats around 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1 Auro 3D. We listen to the works of composers / sound designers who applied in section 5.1.

01 Matthieu Deniau

02 Daniel Martin-Borret

03 Theo Boulenger

04 Lionel Guenoun

05 Patrick Aigroz

06 Cendrine Robelin

07 Eric - Marc Pernet Lonni-

08 Jaycee Bork

09 Anthony Picoron

10 Vianney Aube

11 Mathieu Menart

"Constellations" radio documentary, 2012, Alice Calm, 21 mn

7 min 30 Episode 1

6 min 30 Episode 2

6 min 54 Episode 3

FISM 2012

For the 15th anniversary of the FISM this year in the home of Radio on 12 and 13 November, a particularly interesting program will allow us to compare such refunds 9.1 Auro 3D, Dolby, DTS and WFS. A review of the past 15 years in terms of multi LOS G. Theile and F. Camerer, recording Auro 3D F. Camerer, light on Dolby Atmos, the WFS technology stock on the Hi Vision transmissions 22.2 Olympic games by K. Hamasaki (NHK), round tables and multi-channel music creation and multichannel reproduction fidelity, listening to a selection crazy mixes in 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1 (competition crazy mix 2012), interventions about aspect ratios and by France Télévisions, on augmented Radio Radio France, multichannel production. On two days, workshops Plays 5.1, binaural listening and bars.

Program: 15th FISM (at 12.10.12)

To sign up

2012 multichannel mixer Crazy

Contest crazy mix 2012 opens this Sunday, May 6 this year and surrounds a large number of partners. There are four categories for this edition, the stereo and multichannel formats 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1 (Auro-3D) adds the notion of height. The contest runs from May 6 to June 3 Notice to creators, sound designers, musicians, students and professional sound ...

The principle of this competition is to create an original sound 80 seconds with a common sound bank for all participants. This sound library is distributed at the opening of the contest on the site .
Competitors have four weeks to submit their original work on the site, all effects are allowed ... each competitor can play four times. In the category stereo and multichannel categories in 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1 Auro-3D partners choose then mixing their favorite Fou, without consultation and with impunity, to award one or more gifts. There is no first prize or second prize, only the choices of each partner.

This contest is open to everyone (not just for musicians, sound technicians and specialists MAO) and all nationalities (the site is translated into French, English, Spanish and German). There are no technical or aesthetic criteria to participate, one condition to a FOOOOOuuuu Mixing.

Lesonmulticanal is partner of Crazy Mix and ENJMIN, SONIC EMOTION, MSM Studios, Auro-Technologies, Surround Library, the Creadoc, Orbe, Sodasound, Euphonia, CDA Enghien, Game Audio Factory, Sonar Surround Ambient Recording, VR Sonic, SFX, the FRAC Poitou Charentes, Audio Gaming, Gilles Mardirossian, Irene and Guy Omelianenko Senaux.

Free and DTS Neural

DTS announces the conclusion of an agreement with ATEME company to bring DTS Neural Surround technology to video programs available on demand. Preferred partner ATEME, Free should be the first to benefit its Freebox ...

ATEME, which provides the encoding equipment Free and whose Xavier Niel is a member of the Board, has signed a partnership with DTS to add DTS Surround Neutral in its equipment. This technology allows to store a 5.1 or 7.1 signal into a stereo signal, allowing it to be integrated into many different types of flows, especially in the area of ​​broadcast (TV) or ADSL.

VOD services on Freebox could be the first to benefit from this enhanced sound quality. Freebox, end of the chain, will be broadcast in stereo directly or recreate a 5.1 or 7.1 signal, depending on the distribution of equipment connected.

"ATEME and DTS allow us to access content encoded in the highest quality possible, which will strengthen our VOD service," said Maxime Lombardini, CEO of Iliad (parent company of Free).

Source: Freenews

2011 Wave Length

From 1 to 4 December 2011 held the 9th edition of the festival Wavelength, which is held every year in Brest. This year multichannel prominently especially with the programming of 5 impromptu Saturday 3 to Quartz_une selection of works from all walks of Bergamo Periaux and Hervé Dejardin_et broadcast on Thursday 1 to 20h at Cinema Studios, reports of Interception multichannel presence of Lionel Thompson, producer of the program Interception of France Inter, Hervé Déjardin, sound engineer at Radio France and Irene Omélianenko, head of documentary programs on France Culture.

On the other hand, a binaural workshop organized by Lucie Hardoin held on Saturday at 10 am at Quartz.

The programming of the works selected for impromptu Saturday: documentaries, fiction, soundscapes, acousmatic IMPROMPTUS_5.1

presentation program

More info: wavelength

14th FISM

14th International Multichannel Sound Forum

Wednesday 9 and Thursday, November 10

France Télévisions


Wednesday, November 9

- Multi channel and creation: games and radio

- Multi channel and creation: movie and music

- Evening screening of "A Monster in Paris"

- Workshops 5.1

Game / simulation / augmented reality: PC or game console, headphone 7.1

Listen "home theater" classic 5.1 high definition radio podcast

Listen "home theater" sound bars: HDTV + 5.1 virtualized

Thursday, November 10

- Home-cinema and listening on the move

- Capture and 5.1 and 3D sound mixing

- Workshops 5.1

Listen with headphones multichannel HRTF

Listen "home studio" 3D audio: B format in post-production

Listen "home theater" sound bars: HDTV + 5.1 virtualized

FISM 2011 program

Sonor Festival, Nantes, 6th Edition: 5.1 and plays binaural spatial

A 6th edition of the festival radio creation where the sound is reviewed again, pushed, explored different forms. Installations, live shows, conferences, live broadcasts, films, plays, events ... A panel for a parcel definition of sound art.

[Sonor] through the performing arts and contemporary art. Proposals complement and public intersect around a single point of convergence: the sound.

The festival is always wandering - Resistencia in Cholet, the Cinematograph, the only place ... - and invests this year of new places of the city of Nantes - the Botanical Gardens, the Pannonica, the Rotonde bar, the House of the Arts Saint-Herblain.

The 2011 edition continues auditory explorations and gives pride to non-standard installations. From March 18 to 27.

The full program here

Ecoutes binaural spatial during the festival period

and listen to the 5.1 imanche 27 March 17h, at the Lieu Unique in Nantes

Selections Hervé Déjardin and Bergamo Periaux

The Multichannel 5.1 develops the same device and films. The listener is wrapped, the sound becomes palpable. A mailing pieces that play opportunities for disseminating 5.1 to open an imaginary space where sounds become characters portrayed by the sound system. Works of Christian Zanési Ake Parmerud, Hervé Birolini, Déjardin Hervé Laurent Cugny, Bergamo Periaux ...

The unique workshop 2 / free entry

The crazy day of Nantes, capturing and dissemination 5.1

Friday 4 and Saturday, February 5, in partnership with the Folle Journée de Nantes, France Radio offers live broadcasts multichannel.

Two concerts will be recorded and distributed multichannel Theodor W. Adorno Salon so that the public finds the sensations experienced during the actual concert.

"We want to make this experience the festival, a showcase of skill in the art of Radio France. This experiment will provide channels of Radio France the opportunity to broadcast in stereo and multi-channel format live in the near future. »

Program of broadcasts in 5.1

Multichannel sound system 5.1 Dissemination Friday, February 4 at 20:30 in the lounge Theodor W. Adorno Wagner. Prelude and Liebestod, excerpts from "Tristan and Isolde" Wagner: Prelude, excerpt from "Parsifal" Mahler: Kindertotenlieder Soloist unclear. Orchestra of the Hague residence under Neeme Jarvi. (Registration Thursday, February 3 8:15 p.m. Auditorium Friedrich Nietzsche)

5.1 multichannel sound system broadcast Saturday, February 5 at 19:00 in the lounge Theodor W. Adorno Brahms. Opening for Academic Festival opus 80 Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Also sprach Zarathustra) opus 30 Ural Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Dmitri Liss (Registration Friday, February 4 4:45 p.m. Auditorium Friedrich Nietzsche)

Listen Streaming 5.1 concerts on the site of France Musique here

Multichannel mixer Crazy

The third edition of the "Mad Mix" will take place from 14 February 2011 to 13 March 2011 in partnership with the Creadoc and Pole Image Magelis Angoulême. It is a combination of sound creations which this year opens multichannel. The concept created and organized by Thierry Dilger of Creadoc, the mixer is to provide a series of sounds to mix without any constraints. The first two editions were competing creators of international varied backgrounds!

More information on the site here .

5.1 Programming Wavelength December 2010

For the 8th edition of the festival Wavelength, several themes around multichannel are offered on Saturday and Sunday, 04/05 December. Saturday afternoon will feature three impromptu 30 minutes during which you can let yourself be enveloped by the sound in a small room into a home theater set up at the entrance of Quartz. The morning of December 5 will be devoted to the presentation of a report made ​​in 5.1 "As long as there are shepherds," Pascal Dervieux, journalist at France Inter and producer of the show Interception and Hervé Déjardin, engineer the Radio France. The afternoon will move between 5.1 presentation works of students and professionals.

Here is the program selected by Bergamo Periaux for professional productions, works that can be discovered in 5.1 streaming, from 1 to 31 December 2010, here and relayed by France Culture in issuing Thomas Baumgartner, Dark Passage here .

This site respects copyright. All rights of authors of protected works reproduced and communicated on this site, are reserved. Any unauthorized use of works other than reproduction and individual and private consultation are prohibited.

technical support for playback of files 5.1

Part 1 hour 03: naturalistic landscapes, set design, and documentation

Naturalistic landscapes in 3D sound by Bernard Lagnel, 5.1, 25 min

A series of enveloping soundscapes discover is a kind of journey that inevitably affects us because it takes us back to the reality of soundscapes, between city and countryside, as if we were there.

Recording technique 5.0:

These sound recordings were recorded in multi channel from a Zoom H4n on four channels (XY Zoom 120 ° for LR and AB 2 Schoeps bent Mk4 for Ls-Rs). The creation of the central voice was performed by summation of the left and the right voice vote (-6 dB) producing a central convergence. The succession of these 18 sound paintings was achieved without mixing.

Sound perception:

I worked on wrapping notions (uncorrelated signals) and immersion (correlation signal) in the horizontal plane and elevation (consistency of early reflections) in the vertical plane.


Entered in 1983 at Radio France as an operator of sound. Appointed in 1996 engineer at PTC (Production Technical Centre). Working specifically on sound fictions France Culture and France Inter and France Musique music magazines. First recording experience in multi channel in 2002 on the occasion of the 5th International Forum of multi-channel sound at Radio France

Elementals, Sacha Séméria scenography and Aurélie Sivaciyan, 12 min

Awakening of matter - Site Couriot / Mining Museum

Adaptation 5.1 multichannel sound installation made on the occasion of the International Design Biennial 2010 Saint Etienne.

The development of this project came from a reflection on the rereading Site Couriot by the sound design. It revolves around the changing industrial heritage, sitting on a symbolic territory, driven by the dynamics of the innovation capacity that builds on design.

Statement of intent:

This is a sound design that will resonate the material that makes up the site Couriot. Highlighting the occasion of the Design Biennial, the sleepy memory of nature (fossil sediment over 5 centuries) extends the living memory of the men who made this site a Mecca of Etienne heritage. This is the echo that will challenge the collective imagination thanks to its ability to cause strong images. Called Elementals, Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood, Water, are elemental forces of nature, which will be made visible (audible) by sound. The term "elemental" or "elementals" means the spirits of nature governing elements. They are the spiritual part of the earth, stones, rivers, oceans, or the wind, and as such, they run the natural phenomena related to the element or material they govern. These elementals are represented in many ways, they do not have their own shape, except that they assume in the collective imagination. Thus identifying them as energetic phenomena that manifest and take form through our imagination. Working on the psychoacoustic effects (cultural and sound images) the created sound material will allow to "give life" to gigantic creatures, from the materials that make up the site.


"Hardware recipe" for support of the installation has strong symbolic features. It is located at ground level (link to the belly of the earth) and at the base of the imposing headframe (aerial structure which enhances the sensation of gravity). The tangle of stored materials, too imposing and seemingly abandoned, reinforces the impression of dormant entities that come to life. The arrival in this room is via the walkway along other impressive structures such as empty tanks (where the water is gone ...) and offers a breathtaking view on the site and the headframe, before descending into the heart installation. Each Elemental will be a sound creation corresponding to its nature. Entities will be distributed in space and manifested regularly in turn. The architectural dimension and volume of the room (reinforced by a play of shadows and lights) will be operated and promoted to increase the impression of gigantic creatures that inhabit the site. All these elements come to serve the real phantasmagoria of sensation felt by the visitor will walk in this place.

Feature: a multichannel sound system, with several speakers, subwoofers, electromechanical transducers infrasound, all powered by DVD players and amplifiers.

Installation time: 11th St Etienne Design Biennial 2010.


Sacha Séméria: sound designer, sound engineer, 5.1 output, audio consulting

Born in 1972, he lives and works today in Saint-Etienne.

Sound write to the diffusion of sound, Sacha Séméria is Sound Designer, engineer, and audio consultant. He works and sculpts the sound for more than ten years at the cross road of technical and artistic and it also claims to be someone "research" of emotion he can raise through its and music.

Advertising production to Davout studios through large-scale projects as the realization of Sound Design Concert Jean Michel Jarre in Egypt for the transition to the year 2000, or that of Prince and Princess animated film Michel Ocelot, he has to his credit many short films, sound creations of event, music and various artistic collaborations.

Enriched with all these sound experiments he always diversified its practices that lead him to realize his own projects today, still multichannel, ranging from simple sound recording to mixing and diffusion. Il a récemment réalisé les prises de voix de la série animée “Ariol“ pour le studio Folimage, diffusé sur TF1.

Aurélie Sivaciyan : architecte musicienne

Aurélie Sivaciyan, architecte et musicienne de 27 ans, utilise le son comme matériau de création et s'intéresse aux différentes formes qu'il peut prendre dans l'espace. Diplômée en 2006 de l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de St Etienne ainsi que du Conservatoire National Régional de St Etienne, elle tend au travers de ces diverses créations, à rendre l'espace lisible par le son.

Sa démarche intervient à plusieurs échelles. Auteur, compositeur, interprète, elle investit l'espace dans lequel elle utilise son corps et sa voix comme émetteur-récepteur, mais elle s'intéresse aussi au paysage sonore et à l'aspect « extra-ordinaire » des architectures dans lesquelles elle intervient (Eglise St Pierre de Firminy, Puits Couriot/musée de la mine…), utilisant le son et la matière comme support.

Documentaire CREADOC, 4.0, 26 min

« A chacun ses cages », réalisation et prise de son Benoît Maire, assistance technique et mixage Thierry Dilger

A chacun ses cages est un documentaire qui tente de s'approcher des grands singes à travers deux soigneurs animaliers qui vivent auprès d'eux depuis des années. Loin des clichés fomentés par nos imaginaires, leurs cages n'en sont que le propre miroir de notre regard et de nos perceptions. Gorilles, chimpanzés, Bonobos ne seraient-ils pas qu'une altérité humaine qui nous permettrait de mieux nous définir en tant qu' Homme et les apprécier autrement que comme des bêtes?

Benoît Maire est aujourd'hui étudiant au Créadoc à Angoulême. Après des études d'ethnologie à l'université de Lyon 2, il part vivre en Irlande pour étudier la musique folklorique et la culture gaélique. Il étudie aussi le cinéma d'animation et tente aujourd'hui de trouver des voix entre documentaire et animation.

Thierry Dilger est ingénieur du son et travail étroitement avec les étudiants de deux formations à Angoulême : le Créadoc (Master documentaire de création) et l'ENJMIN (Ecole Nationale de Jeux Vidéos et Médias Interactifs Numériques).

Seconde Partie 53 min : pièces électroacoustiques et musiques actuelles

« La tectonique des nuages » opéra jazz composé par Laurent Cugny, joué dans le cadre du festival de Jazz de Vienne, 7.1 réduit en 5.1, 17 min

Pièce électroacoustique en 5.1 composée dans le cadre de la classe de composition de Christine Groult à Pantin pour le concert 2010 de fin d'année. Au travers des sons et des espaces, l'œuvre resitue l'auditeur dans l'ambiance du Moyen Age.


Opérateur du son depuis 2000 à Radio France, Hervé Déjardin travaille au Département Production et Reportage et depuis sa création l'an dernier, il participe au groupe de travail sur le multicanal. Par ailleurs, Hervé Déjardin est également compositeur de musique electroaccoustique et ses créations depuis 4 ans sont écrites en multicanal.

« Reza » « Vaoaiya » illustration musicale 5.1, 7 min, par Bergame Périaux / Yann Brossier édition Adonys 5.1, production Adonys 5.1 / bmusicsurround



Bergame Périaux et Yann Brossier ont collaboré sur un projet d'illustration musicale au format multicanal pour l'image HD, le cinéma, la TVHD, la radio et la publicité dont voici un extrait. Leur musique est un mélange d'instruments d'orchestre, de percussions, de bruitages, de sons électroniques, d'instruments et de voix éthniques.


Bergame Périaux est musicien-ingénieur du son, mixeur et preneur de son sur des projets musicaux en multicanal (TVHD, Cinéma, DVD). Il est responsable de la filière multicanal de formation à INA SUP et, par ailleurs, il est compositeur de musique spatialisée pour le multicanal.

« Dreaming in Darkness » , pièce électroacoustique composée par Ake Parmerud , 11,29 min, 6.0 réduit en 5.0

Voici un autre extrait de la production d'Ake Parmerud à découvrir, l'édition 2009 avait déjà diffusé une de ses œuvres, Crystal Counterpoint. Cette œuvre en collaboration avec Natasha Barrett est un essai de représentation des rêves d'une personne non voyante. Que se passe-t-il dans les rêves d'un esprit dont les images du monde sont perçues à travers le son ?


FISM 2010

Le Forum International du Son Multicanal (FISM), est devenu depuis sa création en 1998, la première plateforme européenne d'échanges et de démonstrations du « savoir-faire » en matière de son Multicanal.

Deux ans après le lancement officiel en France de la diffusion HDTV sur le réseau TNT, le FISM réalisera son édition 2010, les 20 et 21 octobre, dans la grande salle de projection de France Télévisions, en partenariat avec le HD FORUM et la CST.

De nombreuses démonstrations seront réalisées en image 3D. Cette année, nos invités étrangers seront Kimio Hamasaki, ingénieur de recherche à la NHK et Florian Camerer « Senior Engineer » Télévision Nationale Autrichienne, ORF.

Au programme, des interventions sur la perception naturelle 3D son et image, interaction image et son 3D, les techniques de restitution multicanal auro 3D 9.1, techniques HRTF pour la restitution multicanal au casque, la WFS, les systèmes de captation soundfield, HOA, les systèmes dpa 5100, ORTF surround, MMAD, analyse de l'image sonore multicanal à partir de critères objectifs, présentation des travaux de l'EBU sur la recommandation R128, présentation de productions.

voir ici le programme détaillé et ici le formulaire pour l'inscription au forum

Test d'écoute cinéma 5.1 organisé par la CST

Mardi 22 juin 2010
20 h 30

Adresse de la réunion :
44/50, avenue du Capitaine Glarner
Parking possible

Ordre du jour :

  • TEST SON CINEMA 5.1, organisé par Taylor Made System

1 – Perception de l'alignement temporel de la voie centrale

2 – Analyse de l'influence sur le timbre, du retard en fonction de la fréquence

3 – Comparaison d'une égalisation au bruit rose et d'une égalisation prenant en compte l'harmonisation des Tg (retard de groupe) de chaque voie

4 – Etude de l'homogénéité de construction


Tests objectifs et auditifs très courts avec comparaison aux mesures préalables effectuées par réponse impulsionnelle.

Les presets nécessaires sont obtenus par un OPTIMIZER de chez TRINNOV Audio avec réglages TMS.

  • Questions diverses :

Présentation, par Monsieur Christian Hugonnet, de la Semaine du Son qui se déroulera du 18 au 22 janvier 2011 à l'Espace Pierre Cardin. La CST est partenaire avec l'INA SUP et la Mission Cinéma de la Mairie de Paris.

Devant l'importance du sujet traité, nous avons besoin de votre présence et d'oreilles affûtées.

Un cocktail clôturera cette soirée.