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You find productions in 5.1 or binaural discover, recommended by the author: music, film, radio, HDTV, sound creations ...

Here some works selected for the festival Wavelength to listen directly from the website

Try Nouvoson, Internet radio 5.1 / binaural Radio France here


Peter Gabriel "Up", SACD

Peter Gabriel "Growing Up Live" live DVD

Bjork "Vespertine" SACD

Bjork "Medulla", SACD

Bjork "Volta" DVD

Diana Krall "The girl in the other room," SACD

Diana Krall "The look of love", SACD and DVD-Audio

Divertimenti, chamber orchestra TrondheimSolistene Lindberg Lyd, SACD / blu ray

In folk style, chamber orchestra TrondheimSolistene Lindberg Lyd, SACD / blu ray

Britten's Sinfonia da Requiem, SACD


The monkey sun, documentary Robert Arnaud and Jacques Charreaux, 5.1 Senaux Guy-Philippe Carminati, France Inter

Masters of my passion Mistresses, fiction, 5.1 Guy Senaux-JB Etcheparreborde production Xavier Carrere, realization Claude Guerre, France Culture

Learn more: guy Senaux

Pascal Rueff (Radio 3d documentaries and fiction binaural)

Bernard Lagnel (documentaries and fiction binaural)


Documentary This is it, blu ray / DVD

Master and Commander, blu ray / DVD

Kingdom of Heaven, blu ray / DVD

Documentary Oceans, blu ray / DVD

Ratatouille, blu ray / DVD


Channel sound design Arte HD 2008

Sheep Arte HD 2008

Sound creation

Hervé Birolini

Ake Parmerud

Hervé Déjardin


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