EBU Immersive Audio Over Headphones

With more and more people able to access broadcast content on portable devices, the quality of the headphone listening experience is becoming increasingly important. This workshop will explore how binaural audio technology could create immersive spatial sound experiences for those listening over headphones.

The subject is relevant to both radio and television, as well as online media. Presentations will provide an introduction to many different aspects of binaural audio, from production and distribution challenges to open research questions. The panel discussions will allow content makers and technologists to question the technology providers and researchers about how we can use binaural audio to enhance the listening experience for audiences.

A set of demos will also be presented, giving participants a chance to experience some of the techniques for themselves.

15-16 May 2013 / EBU, Geneva
For Radio & TV Broadcasters and their Audiences

Workshop Sessions

1. Past – A bit of history
2. Present – Broadcasting binaural today
3. Panel Discussion: Binaural broadcasting strategies
4. Future – New research directions
5. Panel Discussion: Binaural in the real world – present and future

The full programme

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